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  • Jill Macdonald

What is the value of a custom website?

Holy moley! At first, the price tag looks expensive. Is it worth it, what are you getting, what do seemingly less expensive website packages actually deliver? We have answers.


1.     Authenticity

Professional copywriting tells your story in your voice. We believe in telling the truth which means taking the time to get to know you, listening to how your business wants to express itself, and selecting the words, tone and pace that fit your personality.


Everyone has a story and it is interesting. Details make the difference. We won’t shortcut to buzzwords, trendy expressions or bland copy that holds no personal meaning. Good writing builds trust.


2.     Custom Graphic Design

Express yourself outside the constraints of templates! Your brand is unique. Custom design work gives you freedom in page appearance, navigation tools, access to colours, fonts, complexity and simplicity best suited to you and your content.


Logo development — easier said than done well. A good designer includes you in the creative process but takes the work out of it. Professional branding gives your businesses a strong identity that is recognizable and contains timeless elements that will grow with you.


3.     Original Photography

Stock images look familiar because that is their goal. They are generic photos, illustrations and icons created without a particular project in mind. That’s not how we see you.


Candid shots tell the truth. There is beauty in imperfection and it demonstrates strength and honesty. Customers seeking real connections recognize the truth.

4.     Multi-Page Experience +

Your website reflects the experience your customers will have when they interact directly with your brand. It’s a smooth, continuous, truthful connection that assures people they are in the right place and that your business delivers on its promises.

This means:

- Effective navigation

- Efficient storytelling flow

- Optimized for desktop and mobile

- Minimum pages: Home, About, Services, Gallery, Contact


+ Technical Help

Backend support in navigating the technology, registration and subscriptions makes the process of getting your website live simpler.


- Domain registration

- Web host subscription

- SEO and keywords

- Social accounts set-up

- Links

- Footer

- Cookies and Privacy Policy


5.     Client Care

We don’t expect you to have the hang of things immediately. Once your website is live, we follow along to make sure things are running smoothly. We want you to love being online.


A website makes it easy for people to find your business, see what you offer and establish contact. A custom website draws people in. It invites them to get to know you, browse through your community, and check out what you’re about. If they like what they see and you’re a good fit, they share that experience.


Everyone has a unique story. The key is being yourself.

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