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The Truth Packs a Punch

 Three strings walk into an empty bar. The bartender shakes his head. “We don’t serve strings here.” The strings leave. Five minutes later, one comes back in and asks for a beer. The bartender looks closely. Wild strands at both ends and a contortion in the middle have changed the string’s appearance. “Aren’t you a string?” he asks. “No, I’m a frayed knot.” The bartender nods and slings a fresh glass of ale onto the counter. “Go get your friends.”


The importance of details is the first lesson in writing. Details add context and personality. They frame the truth of the story being told, building impact and poignancy. The strings figured out that by showing their vulnerability, everything changed. They provided their obstacle with a different perspective.


Good content marketing tells a story that matters. Whether that is to provide an answer, reveal business values, or offer views into daily work life, storytelling is an opportunity to approach the audience one-on-one. A conversation. Honest and personal.

For example, my recent ski trip. An annual gathering of my gal pals in the backcountry. I could say it was brilliant because it was – spending time with these women is a highlight. That is the truth.

The details – on the first day, I gave myself a black eye. Medical situation. On the second day, our navigation skills proved brutal. Zero runs. By the third day, coastal conditions moved in and destroyed any skiing with winds and rain. Result: we bailed two days early. Good thing. That decision resulted in time spent planning our next adventures = we have things to look forward to. (note: my eye is fine, thankfully)

Jill's black eye from hitting her ski pole
first day black eye

How and Where?


Blogs are casual, a platform that blends text and images in a snapshot format. The style of photography sets the tone. People will engage or not, based on their response to what they see – authentic or familiar. Intriguing or forgettable.


Microsites have a longer shelf life. A blog can lead to a microsite with internal links, taking the audience deeper into the story experience. Curiosity is key. A glimpse of the truth ignites interest, there is something real to be found.


Organic reach bets on human response. People recognize the truth. They trust a source that invites them into an imperfect experience.


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