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The Idea
Lithographica was a culture piece produced by Arc’teryx, a high-end outdoor brand. It was meant to reveal a human side to the brand but retain a premium presence. Catherine and Jill led the internal creative team for design and content. The first issue was a hit, both internally and throughout the outdoor industry.

Cutting Edge
Lithographica was ahead of its time. It bridged the emergence of a new relationship between brands and consumers, one of transparency and interaction. The decision to make it a printed piece, newspaper style, was inspired by the value of that exchange: trust, intimacy and permanence.


Content Marketing
What made Lithographica stand out was its presentation and content. The design was classy and minimalist, it reflected the brand’s values and was a quality experience for the consumer. Storytelling included areas of interest beyond those directly linked to product, fostering a genuine relationship with the audience, one that felt like an invitation inside. 

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