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about us

mic – big B

Catherine McBride (mic) stands up for the vulnerable and the creative genius that resides in every human being. This is the source of her creativity and the reason why she is drawn to babies, animals, stories and making beautiful designs.

mac – small d

Jill Macdonald (mac) seeks out the funky industrial fringes. Rural, edgy, arty yet quiet, she needs open spaces, forests, wild grasses, mountains, snow, land to roam and books. Lots of books, & films.  

mic & mac:

Catherine and I started working together in 2014 at Arc’teryx. At the time, the brand channeled its marketing inspiration through high-end outdoor athletes and dramatic mountain visuals. Small person/huge landscape, nothing personal, little use of colour. Yet within that, we created #defineFeminine, a one-off campaign that showcased women, camaraderie, and sharing. It was bright and inviting. We led the team on Lithographica, a branded culture piece that was the first in the industry and set the benchmark for content marketing. It had a strong creative presence, with unique content that ranged from art to books to environmental concerns. 
As colleagues, we learned how well we work together, how to challenge each other, we know our strengths and weaknesses and we point those out when we see them. mic and mac is our opportunity to work together again, directly for people. We listen, we observe, we present options and we keep the process open. The reward is arriving at the place where clients love what they see and feel.

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