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Alpine Specialists Ltd.

Video Homepage
Craig Ellis has clients as diverse as his skill set. We commissioned a video loop to showcase Craig and his team doing what they do in a variety of settings.

Client Streams
Catherine distinguished Industrial from Mountain Guiding using colour and imagery. Hi-vis orange is familiar to Craig's mining and highways clients and they would expect to see equipment. Camo green for guiding suggests an experience that is out of the ordinary.


Catherine came up with the idea of a shield, referencing the heritage of alpine badges and paired it with a traditional bright orange safety colour to include Alpine’s industrial side.

The grid layout showcases the range and diversity of skills on offer. Catherine chose black & white images because they are bold and decisive, like the business and its owner.

Custom Photography 
Alpine's business builds by networking and on connections. Jill decided on a man cave concept for the team portraits and captured each person in their natural environment, doing what they love best. The subversive effect of black & white keeps things edgy. 

Graphic Design
Catherine highlighted the team’s high-energy, do your own thing style with bold colour bars.

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