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Live Metal Studio

Wordmark or Logo

Live Metal Studio did not have a logo. Catherine suggested working with a wordmark, to maximize the presence that the business had already established.

Simple, direct and used as one element, LIVEMETALstudio conveys the essence of the business: it’s bold, active, handcrafted and designed in-house. No need for a tagline, keeping the stamp clean and minimalist, understated and easily placed on any object.


Contemporary Design

The objective was to hit a visual presentation that was contemporary, modern, athletic and slick. Trophies and events are branded, the imagery is busy. Our challenge was to offset the clutter of other logos and bring forward the beauty of LIVEMETALstudio objects.

Catherine used a colour block to accent and anchor the white pages. Rust is understated yet dramatic and suggests the use of metal and wood. It also has a handmade feel to highlight custom fabrication and hand tooled production.


Celebrate human achievement – this is the essence of LIVEMETALstudio. Athleticism, drama, victory, the power of doing and being in the flow. Jill took a poetic approach to capture as much in as few words as possible. 

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